Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teagan is one month old wow!

Hard to believe a month has gone by already and what worries me most is having to go back to work. I am so enjoying staying home and keeping this place in order. Teagan is really starting to get on a good schedule. I hope that he turns out like Langdon when it comes to transitioning into new things. He is staying awake more and just starting to make some noise. For now he justs looks around alot and looks out the window when he is in his swing. I took some one month pictures of him yesterday, and I had plans to go have the boys pictures done but Langdon decided he would rather have a wreck on a tricycle. I will include a lovely picture of our first true battle scar on that beautiful face. He has had busted lips and a few bumps along the way but this one takes the cake for now. Oh well he is all boy.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well we have pretty much survived the week, and thank god Evan will be home tomorrow. It was a pretty low key week after Mondays drama of the A/C breaking, but all in all after a few tears and a lot of dough it is cool again in our home. Oh well what can you do. On a happy note Langdon has been so interested in Teagan this week. He wants to hold him constantly and always says here you go Mommy and Thank you Mommy after he is done with him. It is very cute and makes a mommy proud. Enjoy the pics

Monday, July 21, 2008

Where is time going?????

Yet another weekend has come and gone, where are they going? The major problem I have with that is that it will be time to go back to work soon. This alarms me because I will have to leave Teagan in daycare yuk. I am sure he will do just fine, it is his crazy mom I am worried about.
The weekend was low key the height of excitement was a trip to walmart for groceries, there should be a law on that much fun. I will be excited for this week to end because Evan is out of town at a meeting all week. I know I will survive but at the risk of lack of sleep I am sure. The good news no cooking, the bad news missing Evan terribly.I do get to drive finally this week so that should help with the sanity. I wanted to add new pics but I can't find the camera, I think Evan took it with him. Guess I will catch up on housekeeping and baby books.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birthday and Doctor Appts Oh My

It has been a hectic week, but who expected less. The week started out with my birthday along with Pediatrician appts and other doctor appts, which wouldn't be such a big deal except I still can't drive so Evan has to take us everywhere. Fortunately he doesn't mind maybe he enjoys the break from work. We had good reports from the Doctors, Teagan is growing and is past birth weight . That is always good when I am the one feeding. We still have 2 doctors appts on friday but hopefully they will go well also.

Langdon spent a couple of days at the sitter, and he had a blast, we usually have to drag him out of there. It is a nice feeling to know he likes it so much, and it gives me a chance to nap and spend some one on one with Teagan. We moved Teagan to his crib on the other side of the house, and he is getting adjusted pretty well. The only problem I anticipate is that he is loud and when he screams I am afraid he will wake Langdon who is right next door. He is still getting up twice during the night but last night it was 2:30 and 6:00 a.m. not too shabby.

My birthday was low key by my choice, and Thank you to everyone for all the cards, gifts and calls. I always feel so important and loved. Evan got me a Kitchen-Aid mixer which I have wanted for a long time, so I am excited to get to use it. I am including a couple of pics from this week. One is Teagan without a pacifier, a rare treat around here, and the other is all the boys on the bed. I thought it was sweet. Enjoy

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh how fast a week goes

We have now been home a whole week, and boy did it go fast. Being home has been great, I just wish I could do as the doctor says and take it easy. I just can't seem to stand a cluttered and dirty house go figure, I believe it is genetic thanks Mom. It has been a good week and we are started to get adjusted. Teagan sleeps a lot during the day, and is starting to figure out that if he makes a big enough fuss he will get some more of Mommys attention instead of Langdon hogging it all.

Langdon went to daycare on thursday and it was a double blessing. I enjoyed the break and he had a blast. I will definitely have to keep that up. Langdon is still doing really well but hates when Teagan cries, he thinks I should be doing something quicker to help little brother.

I am going to try and upload this picture I took today of Langdon that is a trip. In the picture look at his feet, and know he did this all on his own. Who knows he may just turn out as vain about his feet as Evan is. Langdon loves my manicure set and plays with it everyday while I am showering and getting ready. Enjoy.

I did try to take more pics of Teagan but the flash makes him look crazy eyed.

Monday, July 7, 2008

We are starting to settle in as a family of four, boy how things change. The house is a wreck, we are exhausted and Langdon I think is just bored. Overall Langdon has done very well with the transition or shall I call it slight dethroning. He has been very tender and sweet to Teagan but definitly had his share of mini meltdowns I call them. Every little problem is the end of the world for some reason followed by lots of whining. Bless his heart I feel sad for him because he already had such a problem with change. Things are getting better I think he will pick back up soon to the usual silly Langdon.
Nighttime is tough especially if you breastfeed because it is a one person job with a very exhausted mother. I know that will get better if memory serves. We sure are enjoying Teagan he is so laid back and sleepy at least during the day. He rarely makes a sound unless you try and dress him, he absolutely hates to be cold. We look so forward to the future it is going to be so special and full of memories.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I will continue to update everyone on what is happening over the next couple of days, since my time is now very limited and yes I am exhausted. It is a blessed and joyous time for us but of course tiring. Today was very productive but I am in a lot of pain from doing to much as usual, I will have to lay low tomorrow.

Welcome back to blog land

Finally, I have found time to actually log in a blog. I hope this will be enjoyable as I have chosen to write instead of nap. The last week has of course been something. You name the emotion and I promise I have experienced it. First of all thank you to my wonderful husband who has been like a rock, so supportive and patient. Also to my family and friends who have continued to check on me, not knowing what kind of mood I will be in when the call comes in. I have one statement for you Hormones and Pain Killers what a combo.

As most of you may already know we checked in on Monday June 30 for the arrival of Teagan via C-section. The entire staff was wonderful for the length of our stay, some even way more than others. Teagan was born at 848 a.m. and he entered the world peeing on our OB doctor and staff, what an entrance. We weighed in at 7lbs13 oz. and was 20 inches long. Our first impression was he is beautiful and he looks so much like Langdon when he was born.

Teagan spent most of the day in the NICU due to some breathing issues, which was very scary for me but by 5 pm he was finally in our room with his parents. The next several days went very well in the hospital, I had a coworker come to visit which was very appreciative and Grandma and Langdon were able to visit several days which was always a treat. Here is a pic from the first couple of days. Enjoy