Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Over the last week we had our house inspection for the new buyers and then had the necessary repairs made for them, and next up is the appraiser comes tomorrow. After all that is done we are headed to Long Beach for Mardi Gras definitly Evans favorite day of the year. We are so excited to see family and friends and Langdon will celebrate the second part of his birthday with a space walk and a cake. It should be so fun, he absolutely loves to jump in those things. Langdon also gets to go to the parade for the first time, that should be interesting.

Teagan and I spent Tuesday afternoon in the doctors office for an ear infection in the right ear, but after some drops and tylenol is doing much better. I feel very fortunate that he has been very healthy only a few small colds and this ear infection. He is so happy and growing so fast, we hope he gets to crawling soon. It looks as though we are officially leaving the commonwealth of virginia around March 19 yeah. We will get everyone updated when we can. Enjoy the pics of our sweet cape crusader and happy feet.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So what have we been up to?????

There is so much news to report, lets see if I can get it all in. For starters Langdon is now 3 his birthday was on the 3rd. He had a small party at his daycare that included cookies and a Pinata and some wonderful gifts from friends. Although he refused to actually hit the Pinata he was more than willing to instruct everyone else to hit it. The Pinata is a tradition for birthdays and holidays at the daycare so Langdon is no stranger to what comes out of it which is lots of suckers and candy. We flew to Arkansas the 3rd week of January to look for houses and decided to build a house that will hopefully be started in the next few days. Our house also went on the market that weekend and we received an offer a few days later. We are hoping to close mid March and move to Arkansas. We will stay in a furnished apartment until our house is done. We have been trying to explain to Langdon that we are moving but I don't think he gets it.

In Teagan land there is lots also going on. He is pretty much healed up from his surgery, and was really a trooper. He has gotten 2 teeth in the last couple of weeks and the 3rd one is coming in right now. Mid January Teagan went for his 6 month checkup and got flying colors on development and milestones. He has been eating lots and playing on the floor, and hopefully will be crawling soon.