Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brotherly Love and the keys to the candy store

Teagan is really coming into his own and is enjoying spending time with Langdon. They are finally starting to play very well together and enjoy each others company, I guess the fights are next. One day while Langdon was still napping Teags was already awake so he wandered to the coffee table only to find Langdons black bag of nascars. Now you guys know Langdon is obsessed with nascar and nobody touches the cars but him, he won't even share with his parents. This was like the title says "giving Teags the keys to the candy store." He knew he had forbidden fruit when he found those cars and the pics tell the story. That kid was so excited with the most devious smile on his face and had the best time playing with those cars. It of course ended abruptly when Langdon woke up and saw what was going on. For 20 short minutes Teags was in heaven and I loved watching it all go down.

Head Bangers and Haircuts

This is what happens when you are standing and learning to walk. Unfortunately Teags was trying to stand up on the patio and slipped "Ouch" after a thump and lots of crying this is what we have as a memory. God Bless Him you hate to see a child hurt like that. He did recover well but has hit his head several times since on a much smaller scale. Now just where did I put Langdons spider man helmet???As for Langdon after numerous discussions with Evan we decided to officially end the reign of the bowl cut. Initially I said I would let it go when Langdon turned 4 but after a number of bad haircuts we decided it was time. Thanks to a great friend we have found a new place for haircuts. Apparently barbers are the way to go, they just are much better accustomed to cutting boys hair. So these are pics of Langdons new do and I really like it and it is growing on Evan. Langdon is unbiased and I am proud of myself for letting go without much struggle. I like to call it turning a chapter in his young life onto boyhood.