Sunday, August 16, 2009

The boys were under the weather the last couple of weeks but as you can see happy days are here again. A couple of weeks ago Langdon bit his tongue which turned into a viral infection in his mouth. So our picky eater was eating even less. Then last weekend Teags had double ear infections that allowed us to spend the weekend trying to coral a screaming baby, along with Langdon having a bit of a stomach bug. There is nothing I like more than spending my days off in the Peds office. Thankfully this past week we were back to normal. Our big news is that Langdon got his first bike and I am so excited that he actually got on and rode it. Normally this wouldn't be breaking news but those who know him understand that he is not a risk taker he is way more timid in uncharted territory. By no surprise putting on the brakes is what he mastered first. As for Teags the happiest place on earth for him is his highchair, the boy plain loves to eat. As for walking no milestones yet but he does stand up in one place for awhile and will walk with the walker until he runs it into the wall and gets mad because he can't go anymore. Teags has a tricycle on order that I know he will love. Enjoy the pics

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where did July go????

This July for us might have been the fastest in history. I am amazed that it is August already. We had a very busy July like everyone I am sure, it was filled with lots of family birthdays and trips, exciting new adventures for the boys and us. I finally got a job in a Heart Cath Lab very close to our house and so while I am excited to be back at work I am not excited about being on call regularly. I knew this day would probably come again, I just wish not so soon. We have a wonderful lady that will keep the boys during my work days and she lives right in our neighborhood. We are thankful to her because she normally keeps kids ages 2 and up, but she has made an exception for us. I feel very blessed that Teags is a great eater, good sleeper, and strictly drinks from a cup. That makes sitters job much easier I hope.
We also took a road trip home for our vacation this year and it was jam packed with events. On the selfish grand whole Evan and I got some much needed time away thanks to our families. Everyone was excited to see how the boys have grown and we really enjoyed ourselves. Langdon got some great one on one time with his Grampa Harry who was so patient to show him the boat, all his tools and how to use lots of different tools which was definitly Langdons playground. I have come to the realization that most normal kid toys are okay but Langdons main play things are a tape measure, a rope, a wrench and a flashlight. These things travel with him pretty much everywhere. Who would of thought. A list of things we did on our trip, went fishing, went to New Orleans, had the boys pics done, ate tons of Gulf Seafood, spent great time with families, celebrated two birthdays, lots of shopping, caught a pay-per-view fight night, pedicures, and the boys soaked up lots of grand parent time. Whew no wonder it has been so long since I blogged. Enjoy the pics and I will try to stay up to date from here.