Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No real exciting news to report lately we have been under the weather around here. Langdon spent the weekend with a stomach virus boy was that fun and Teagan and I have a cold. Of all the things I could share with a small baby did it have to be that.....I feel so blessed and thankful that it took two and half years before we had to deal with stomach viruses. Poor Langdon was so sick and scared, but he has recovered nicely and is back to his old self. We had company over the weekend and John was so easy going about the whole ordeal. The only pics to include would be our sweet Teagan playing in the exersaucer. He is such a happy smily baby, it makes it so much fun. We are just looking forward to Halloween on Friday, I know Langdon will enjoy trick or treating with the neighbors. Stay tuned for much more fun in the future.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch etc.....

Finally we had some fun outside of the house.... We spent saturday at the pumpkin patch only the irony is that we didn't come home with what we went for which was pumpkins... We got to the patch at about 11:30 and this place had lots of stuff. Pumpkins of course a petting zoo, the moon bounce, a huge corn maze, haunted house, snack bar, pig races, corn launchers, and several other things. I think Evan might have had the most fun, but it was a great day. Langdons favorite thing by far was the hour he spent in the moon bounce trying to wrestle very unsuspecting kid in there. He found the pig races exciting and the pumpkin milkshake he shared with Evan. Teagan and I kept a low key profile just walking around and watching. There was so much we would have liked to do but Langdon being the scheduled child that he is had a meltdown about 1:30 because he takes a daily nap at 1:00 to the minute. So we headed home after creating some good memories.

The rest of the weekend was filled with losing football and winning nascar so we were semi happy the weekend of sports wasn't a total loss. It was chilly here so the weekend felt like a great fall experience. I am including pics of Langdons daily car activity and the boys in the tub. Teagan is so much fun these days, he smiles all the time and babbles so much, I look so forward to the future with him. Enjoy

Monday, October 13, 2008

Once again a pretty low key weekend, it was a working one meaning that Evan punched the yard and layed seed and fertilized so that we keep the grass that we have. Langdon of course enjoyed being outside to over see that project. I cleaned the inside and Teagan just watched. Teagan is getting so big and strong. He sits up well on a lap and against the couch. He just loves to look around and explore with his eyes. One funny thing is in the morning when I go to get him he is usually talking to the fan. Maybe he is saying good morning, or will you slow down. Langdon is still doing pretty well Potty training I guess good enough that he is telling people about it. My neighbor got a pretty good disertation about the whole process the other day in the driveway. I guess she may think twice next time she asks him what happening. Last weekend I ordered tickets to go see Playhouse Disney Live in Fairfax Virginia, so we are very excited about that. Langdon has never been to anything like that so he will hopefully be stoked. We will see that on Nov 9 so we are going to take the opportunity to explore Washington DC as well. I will be sure to take lots of Pics.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Potty Training and Brotherly Love

So we spent friday, sat. and sun getting started on potty training, and it is definitly training..... I have to say all in all it went better than expected and if nothing else it was for me to gauge where we stand on a whole. I tried to come up with the best and easiest way for Langdon to learn but after a revelation 2 days into it, Langdon had his own thoughts on the matter. Needless to say without going into to much detail. Sunday was a success I think and we are on our way. You can't really go backwards after this so more to come on that situation as it progresses. Teagan is still doing awesome sleeping all night so we are very excited. He is starting to babble and it is so funny and sweet. Our little boy is changing so fast. Surprisingly Teagan looks a lot like Evans baby pics which is very exciting for Evan. Even though he looks very similar to Langdon he has a bunch of Evans features like skin tone, hair color and is very long in his torso. I think he is going to be much bigger than Langdon. It was a good week and weekend for us although the blog may not state such excitement.