Thursday, February 4, 2010

Random pics of Brotherly Love

Teags in the king of mischief, he is always into something. Known to trash the kitchen our bathroom and playroom in a matter of minutes with no remorse, or the skills to clean it up. On the flipside he does like to empty the dishwasher and put things where he wants them to be.

Happy Birthday Langdon

Wednesday Feb. 3 Langdon turned 4, that is so hard to believe. Time actually does fly by, and he is the proof. On his special day I took the opportunity to do something I said I would do forever. I spent the whole day with Langdon and we had a blast. Langdon watched super hero dvds we played at the arcade 2 rounds of miniature golf, lunch in a restaurant containing bread and smoothies, a large sucker lots of cookies, a dinner of peanut butter and jelly always his request and no nap for the day. He was such a joy and a trooper, he wore me out. Favorite line of the day, I can't go nite nite at home. I also will take a page from some of my fellow bloggers who truly are the best at blogging and share the qualities that make up Langdon.
1. He truly is a momma's boy definitely my sidekick.
2.One single word to describe him would be cautious
3.Loves his blanket more than life thank you Tami for making it.
4.Very passionate about Cars, Tools and Superheros
5.Very Picky eater unwilling to try anything new
6.Loves to play by himself, but very excited if friends comeover
7.Huge creature of habit very scheduled and Type A
8.Loves his brother and our dog on his terms and his time
9.Favorite breakfast is pancakes, chocolate milk and vitamins
10.Favorite dinner is peanut butter and Jelly chips and marshmellows followed by cookies
11.Loves to take long car rides because it is an unlimited time in front of the dvd player
12. Not a swimming pool fan and forget anything motorized he is not gonna ride it.
13.Loves to jump in an inflatable forever
14. Loves to help with yard and housework crazy kid....
There is so much to him he has brought so much joy to our lives and we are so excited for the future and what it holds for him. Happy Birthday Langdon you are such a blessing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally after along awaited time we are back to blog land. Where have we been, like everyone else we have been very busy.... Most importantly santa brought Evan and I a new apple computer that I was not smart enough to figure out how to retrieve pics for the blog.. I could have blogged numerous times but with out pics can get kind of tedious to read. We were fortunate to stay home for all holidays this year and Chateau Morris has not had many vacancies. Within the span of a month and a half Langdon and Teagan were able to see all their grandparents except Harry who we will see in a month. Evans dad and Madeline came just before Thanksgiving, my parents were here for christmas and Arlene came for new years. It was awesome having everyone here to see the new house and spend time with us. Christmas was great, Langdon really had a blast this year and santa loaded him up with lots of superheros and handy manny stuff. Teags was also very spirited and wanted to play with everything right then and there. He received lots of toys that play music and car stuff. Enjoy the pics it will be a random collection of all the holidays as I try to get back on track and keep up.