Monday, May 11, 2009

10 month old Teags

In the midst of all this moving, Teags has been growing and doing so much. He is a master crawler and a riot most of the time. He moving all over the house always in search of night lights or food. That kid loves to eat anything and everything if he sees you with food it is over he is coming for you screaming. He has learned to stand up in his crib which he thinks is more important than sleep, and nows weighs 21lbs. You know we grow them solid in this family.

Settling In

We are moved in and starting to settle in. There are areas of chaos, but we really love this house. We did hit a few bumps in the road but I think that is probally to be expected. I am happy to finally report that after having been here for over a week and a half we finally have air conditioning as of this morning. That truly had to be the most frustrating part of this transition. Along with no A/C we had a leak in the boys bath that required pulling up carpet in 3 areas, cutting through drywall, and fixing the problem. A dishwasher that wouldn't work because it had no water hooked up, a messed up drawer that sent the cabinet people out, and twice repairing the patch where the drywall was removed. Oh and let me throw in that our Living room TV broke and had to be taken in to be fixed. Now that is one crazy week. Aside from all that the boys love it here. Langdon and Teagan love their playroom, Langdon spends a lot of time in there and Teagan loves to crawl in there to pull something out. The pics are a few rooms in the house. Most things are put away I am just anxious to get things on the wall etc..