Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting Closer to the New House

This past sunday we were able to get to the new house to see how the construction is coming along. They are getting there hopefully it will be done by the end of April. All the brick is on the outside and they stained all the cabinets inside. The brick is up in the dining room and things are really coming along. We are very excited about the progress so far, and I think it will be great for the boys to grow in this house and neighborhood.

Snowy Saturday

This past Saturday felt like we were back in Virginia. Our Saturday was filled with rain sleet and snow and isn't it almost April??? We spent the whole day pretty much inside and where it is nice to relax there is something about the freedom of knowing you can go somewhere when you want, which we did not have on Saturday. You really can't justify getting kids out in that stuff.

Happy 9 months Teagan

Teagan is 9 months old today. Time is really flying in his young life. He is such a sweet good boy. Teags is a great sleeper who loves his naps. He loves to eat and currently has 4 teeth with 3 that will pop through in the next few days. He loves to jabber and should be master crawling soon. I caught him trying to pull up on the coffee table today to try and get to Langdons Nascars, good thing Langdon was napping. We love him so much I feel so blessed to have him in our family.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We are now in Arkansas. We made the drive over 2 days last week and the boys did really good. We of course had no trouble out of Langdon and Teags did darn good for and 8 month old. Who knew that an empty water bottle could provide such entertainment. We are in a furnished town house until our house gets finished, and thankfully there is plenty of room. The boys are adjusting but Langdon of course has had some recoil. I think as times goes by he will settle in. Teags is growing so fast, he is quite the eater. I feel like I can never get him full. He is eating everything and anything I can get to him. Langdon should take some pointers. He is very close to crawling and I know he will be happy when he figures it out. Evan bought a new truck on the way down here basically over the internet in true Evan style, and Langdon can't wait to ride in it. We are excited about this new journey and know it will be great for our future.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Langdon and Mommy's special day in the E.R.

Last weekend we had the biggest snow storm Evan and I had ever seen, and this weekend it was sunny and 80 degrees go figure. So how did we spend it you ask? Saturday Langdon and I spent from 11-430 in the Emergency room for a big time busted lip. Evan and Langdon went to the gym yesterday and when Evan was picking Langdon up from the kidzone he asked Langdon to go sit on the bench so they could put back on langdons shoes. On the way to the bench he tripped on his own shoes in the floor and smacked the sharp edge of the bench with his mouth. He had a long slice on the outside where it split and puncture wounds on the inside where his teeth went all the way through. After much bleeding and a short stop to the pediatrician she sent us to the ER to get it fixed. After much impatience on my part we were seen and it was decided that stitches would be more trouble than it is worth, with the strapping down of a 3 year old and medication so they glued it with skin glue which is made exactly for that. All in all it could have been so much worse and Langdon was such a trooper after no nap and no lunch. It is healing nicely all ready so hopefully the scar will be minimal.

Sunday we did have a great day in this weather and of course it is Nascar season and you know how exciting that is around this house. I feel blessed that it has taken 3 years before we have to grace and emergency room and I hope those trips are few and far between.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

We had what 2 people from the south would call a major snow storm sunday to monday. With a total of 10 inches, and it was rather exciting. We have never been in that much snow and all in all I would have to say although pretty to look it is a pain to deal with. As usual the one who had the most fun was the biggest kid Evan. He did more sliding down the yard than any of us. Those of you who know Evan can imagine I was fearful of him injuring himself with so much child like activity, but it was the walk down the stairs to the mailbox that led to a fall. Although slightly bruised no true injuries to report. Langdon did spend a little time outside but with the Nascar race on it is hard to pull him away. Teagan and I spent a little time outside monday afternoon and the fresh air was great. There is still a ton of snow around and we are expecting 75 degree weather this weekend so it should be interesting to see it melt. We did build a snowman and throw snowballsso I believe the whole experience was had. Bring on the time change and Spring

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is what we will call back blogging because of course I am always behind in most things and that in itself drives me crazy. There has been plenty going on from our trip home for Mardi Gras to the massive snow in us southerners like to call it. Not to mention that we are moving in 2 weeks Haaaaaaaaaaa! We went home 2 weeks ago for Mardi Gras and had a hectic but fun trip. The plane ride going down was a breeze I feel blessed to have such good travelers not to mention modern technology. Most of this would not be possible with Wall-E and Nascars they certainly have a way of distraction. The summary of the trip went much like this we drove to Washington DC to fly out on Friday. Had a Crawfish/Birthday Party on Saturday, did the Pass Parade on Sunday, shopping and date night on Monday and Flew back to DC on Tuesday and drove home. Tired of reading yet? There was lots of fun packed into those days we always fond memories to take home.

Langdon and Teagan caught up on much needed grandparent time and had such fun with all the friends he got to visit. He also attended his first pass parade which is a huge tradition in this family. Although very cautious and quite the lone observer I know he had fun and consumed with much delight his first moon pie. It was so fun to watch. Teagan stayed home and got some much needed one on one time with Grandma so it was great. To slightly back trap the day before we rented a airwalk for Langdons birthday so all the kids could play and have a blast during the crawfish boil, and it was worth the money. It was a great day with beautiful weather and so much fun to see lots of good friends and family. As always enjoy the pics