Monday, November 10, 2008

Washington DC and Playhouse Disney

We had a very exciting and fun filled weekend in our nations capital we got tickets for Langdon to see Playhouse Disney Live and decided it was a great opportunity to spend the weekend also in D.C. which was a first for everyone. We had such a great time and took in some great sites. We saw the Washington Monument and Capital Hill and spent the afternoon at the Smithsonian. We rode the Metro train to get down there which Langdon thought was neat and he did a great job with lots of walking. Some friends of ours were so sweet to spend time with us and show us around thanks Alicia and Jaz we had such a good time. Sunday was the show and it was fun to watch how Langdon would react. All the kids were up dancing and singing but Langdon was the quiet observer. I was unsure at first if he liked it but it was all he could talk and sing about later, so I guess were good. We had some unsettling traffic issuses on the way home but not enough to spoil such a great family weekend. Enjoy the pics

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween Go Jimmy Go

Halloween around our house was awesome. Langdon had such a blast this year. Who knew such a young boy could walk as far and carry such a heavy bag? you can't tell by the picture Langdon was Jimmy Johnson the nascar driver for Halloween. Honestly it would have been a crime on my part to put him in anything other than that due to the fact that the cars are with him every second he is home. He is either racing them on the table or they are set up as a football team on the couch but they are definitly part of breathing to him. Langdon was such a trooper trick or treating. Always announcing his arrival to each house and saying thank you. It was such a treat to see him in action. No matter how heavy the bag got, he refused to let anyone carry it. Teagan and I walk the neighborhood for quite a while then we headed home and Evan finished the rest of the route. The good news is Langdon hasn't asked for the candy, I think he has forgotten about it. Langdon has also rediscovered his toy drum and loves to play it while Imagination movers which is a kids show is on. It is really hilarious. We are really content watching our boys grow, and although we may not branch out much we are happy because Langdon is such great comic relief. Oh to be so young and adventurous.