Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally after along awaited time we are back to blog land. Where have we been, like everyone else we have been very busy.... Most importantly santa brought Evan and I a new apple computer that I was not smart enough to figure out how to retrieve pics for the blog.. I could have blogged numerous times but with out pics can get kind of tedious to read. We were fortunate to stay home for all holidays this year and Chateau Morris has not had many vacancies. Within the span of a month and a half Langdon and Teagan were able to see all their grandparents except Harry who we will see in a month. Evans dad and Madeline came just before Thanksgiving, my parents were here for christmas and Arlene came for new years. It was awesome having everyone here to see the new house and spend time with us. Christmas was great, Langdon really had a blast this year and santa loaded him up with lots of superheros and handy manny stuff. Teags was also very spirited and wanted to play with everything right then and there. He received lots of toys that play music and car stuff. Enjoy the pics it will be a random collection of all the holidays as I try to get back on track and keep up.