Friday, June 27, 2008

Delivery Day is almost here......

Here we are this is friday and all we have is 3 days until Teagan arrives. Evan and I will check into the hospital at 6:30 on Monday morning to get the ball rolling. I had my preop stuff done on Wednesday and got a small tour to see everything. The Womens Pavillion is very nice and the staff were very comforting. We are so excited for this day and I am just about finished putting final touches on carseats and swings etc. Arlene arrived on Wednesday night and Langdon was so excited to see her Thursday morning. A new phrase in our house is where's MawMaw which is the best he can say for Grandma. Usually he says where's Daddy and I will say he is upstairs working, so I am sure he is excited to be looking for an additional person.
I am searching for an idea of what to get Langdon as a present from his new little brother, so if anyone has any ideas please share. I have searched numerous toy aisles but I can't get a feeling for what would be good.
It will be a low key weekend enjoying Grandmas company as I prepare her for keeping Langdon for 4 days, I know she will handle it like a pro, she always does. Look for upcoming pics from the weekend Evan and I are off to get a pedicure he is always such a good sport.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I knew there would be bugs so here is the other picture I mentioned Enjoy

Another weekend closer

So it is just another weekend closer for us to get to Delivery day for Teagan, boy are we ready!

We spent a few hours at the pool today and Langdon really enjoyed it. We plan on having dinner at some of our neighbors house so one less meal to worry about. Hopefully included are some pics from yesterday of Langdon being his usual silly self. He loves hats more than most so he decided to see how many he could wear at once along learning to wear his hat Tony Romo style which is backwards for those of you not currently Cowboys Fans.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Getting this thing going

Things have been crazy but I am ready to try and get this thing rolling. Evan is in Dallas all week yuk but together Langdon and I are going to do our best to survive. I am going to try and upload some Pictures for the family so you guys can see Langdon in his bed and If luck allows I will show you Just one bad picture of myself. Noone laugh please,I have stated previously that it is not such a pretty sight. Jennifer