Monday, August 25, 2008

Well this is my last week home, I am sorry to say. I am thankful that I will only have to work part-time but I am dreading having to put Teagan in daycare. I know I was the same way with Langdon, and he did just fine. I am happy he at least has a big brother to look out after him. Langdon loves his Nanny so I know Teagan will too. I work all day Saturday to I at least got a taste for what it will be like. Only the difference was Evan had the boys which is of course different than daycare. Langdon has been slightly under the weather with a scratchy voice for several days so the whinning is at an all time high poor little guy, and going to bed at night has surely been a challenge. I am hoping this is a phase but it is definitly a losing battle for Langdon because Evan and I are too strong willed to give in. I am thankful that Teagan is a good sleeper, I look forward to next week when I can let him sleep as long as he wants. Right now he is only allowed to sleep five hours max and then he must be fed, so we will see what happens. Last wednesday Teagan laughed for the first time so that was a lot of fun. He now has great head control so he sits up in the swing looking around and he sits up on your lap to look around. He likes to study everything. All in all the weekend was a low key quick one. I took Langdon to the fair for some mommy and me time but he didn't feel well and is still very cautious of any kind of ride so not much fun for us.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hope everyone is enjoying the blog, I have tried to get a comment section up on the page but I am extremely limited on intellegence when it comes to computers so bear with me. Another weekend almost gone boy they go fast. Not too much to report, but Teagan is doing much better. The fussiness has cut down considerably.He is starting to smile alot and do some cooing , it is really cute. Langdon is his usually crazy funny self. Here are some more pics enjoy

Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Recent Cute Pictures of the Boys

Any time Teagan is on the floor Langdon is never far away. He always wants to lay beside him. Even if he is on the couch Langdon will be right there.
It has been forever since an entry, but I guess that is to be expected in our situation. Things are pretty good, the last several days have been rough with Teagan. He spends a lot of time screaming out and mad. I am not sure what it is all about, potentially stomach issues poor baby. Today has been much better, so hopefully it continues. He does have some moments of happiness but they are few and far between. Thankfully Langdon has been having good days or I would need some mental help. It was a low key weekend, attended a housewarming party on saturday and that was about it. We have enjoyed the olympics they are exciting but noone would be more pumped than Langdon. Who knew the Chinese gymnasts would spark such excitement in a 2 year old. They were talented but I believe the gold should go to Langdon for his great attempt at a floor routine. Noone can start a tumbling pass with such speed and determination as he can. Who cares if you get carpet burns, mommy is there to kiss it and make it better. It has been a riot to watch I will have to get a video of it. When I get more time I will include some random photos of the growing boys.